Age of Conan – Grinding for 2 hours a day

October 20, 2009 – 3:07 am
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Is a horribly difficult thing to do.

At the level I am at, I am basically stuck in a rut as I attempt to reach max level. What has become most trying during this period is that fact that I am not able to put more than 2 hours a day into playtime. This puts me into a category of not being able to get into groups, and I am then relegated to specific quests.
I had, up until I reached level 75, 3 zones to play in. But, now one of those zones has become low level quests with minimal to no XP. The other two have been pushed into “Kill 10 x” quests of regurgitated contracts. The dungeons are off limits to me due to no solo capability (as the mobs need 3-4 players to combat just ONE mob), and any interesting quests are out of my level range.
I am about 5 bars away from level 76 that opens new quests in new areas of one zone I am in, Keshatta. But, to get there, OMG…I have already played 4 days to get to that point. I could grind another 3-4 days before I reach 76…that is with only 2 hours a day.

My lifestyle at this point is not open to doing those longs hours of MMO playtime I use to do when I started. I enjoy more family time, work has become more demanding (thank goodness too, as what I am doing now really rocks), and I am unsure if I could push myself to sit down one or two days in the evening and crank out some hours to get some dungeons going.
I have debated about jumping games, and getting a break for a bit, so I do not tire of that grind. I loaded up Guild Wars today for example, and I also have DDO waiting for me to trial for 30 days. In two weeks Prototype for the 360 will be released, and that will get me a single player game to goof off in here and there…
But, I use time cards for AoC, and time ticks away as I play something else.
Do you guys have some suggestions, as I do not want to give up hitting max in AoC. I am so close. But, I need to figure out a way to mix up that time I have available, or let go for a few days…or SOMETHING (before I rip more of my hair out grinding away).

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