Atlantica Online:The Flight of the Valkyrie

June 29, 2011 – 4:40 am
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“Blessed by the Gods, the Valkyrie is a powerful mercenary who uses the power of the holy sword and shield to defend against the tyranny of evil.”
The Valkyrie has two spells:
Odin’s Chain: “Summon the chains of Valhalla to entangle your enemies!”Prevents enemies from making physical attacks. (They can still use magic, items, and move.)

Quickening: “Take flight on the wings of the Valkyrie!”
In regular battle, this skill increases the targets’ AP. In TBS, it increases your mercenaries’ movement speed.

Names Morrighan, she is a female Valkyrie defended by the heavens and who wields a godly sword and shield that deals devastating damage to foes while sealing her enemies’ physical attacks. The Valkyrie also uses heavenly power granted to her by the gods to imbue her sword with holy energy, increasing allies’ attack speeds, which provides players with a keen competitive edge in battle.

Aside from the new Valkyrie class, the Atlantic Online June update is pretty massive.

Brand new interface changes will also be featured, including an item history system which will allow players to see everything about their gear, from when it was created to everyone who owned it.

Colosseum League has been completely revamped, giving exceptionally skilled lower level players a chance to attain glory against Atlantica veterans.

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