Lineage2:a New NPC-Angel Cat offering Blessings to Your Character

June 29, 2011 – 10:07 pm
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NCSOFT team is introducing a new NPC in Lineage2 that will be visiting the servers from time to time for special occasions. His name is Angel Cat, and although we’ve seen his counterpart in a past event, this one is special. Angel Cat will reward you with a buff item, sometimes up to 4 at a time, that you can keep and use when you like. When he visits, he can be found in all towns near the Gatekeeper.

The buff item, Angel Cat’s Blessing, gives you the following stats: HP Recovery Bonus, Max MP, and Critical Atk. Rate +20%, and you can feel the effects of Prophecy of Water, Might, Haste, Empower, Acument, Wind Walk, Vampiric Rage, Berserker Spirit, Shield, Focus, Death Whisper, Guidance, Clarity, Wild Magic, and Concentration for 1 hour.

Please note that Angel Cat will only give his buff item(s) to one character on each game account. The item cannot be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, or shared via Dimensional Merchant. Please choose your 1 character carefully.

For his first visit, Angel Cat will be here from today until next maintenance, on Wednesday, July 6, and he is offering 2 of his Blessings to 1 character on each account.

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