Wakfu: A new gameplay for the Pandawa

August 30, 2011 – 3:17 am
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Square Enix and Akama have revealed the latest Wakfu class, the Pandawa, during this weekend’s PAX convention in Seattle. Pandawas are front line fighters who prefer to keep it up close and personal. Folks visiting PAX will be able to get a hands on look at the Pandawa.

The Main concept about the Pandawa class is that the Pandawa should never get out of his house without a full barrel of Root beer at his side.

The barrel is very important for the Pandawa as it represent his principal source of Root Beer that will enable him to level up his levels of Exhilaration and at the same time to increase his power and unlock additional effects for his spells.

In the drunkenness status the Pandawa is depending on the barrel to use its benefit meaning the Pandawa must stay near the barrel to be able to stay in the drunkenness status. In the Pandawa is not next to their barrel or carrying it, they will lose the exhilaration state and switch to the Depressed state which will be of the same level as the lost exhilaration one.

Technically the barrel itself is a container which can hold a certain amount of Root beer but can also be used as a weapon (example be using it as a flame-thrower or to knock out an enemy) but as all containers has a limited capacity. Most of the spells using the contents of the barrel will decrease its health. Once destroyed, the players will have to summon another one, sent by the Pandawa Goddess.

The Fire branch is based on area and distance damage.The Earth branch is based around melee combat and the drunken Panda techniques.The Water branch is based around support.

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