Catch Your Last Chance to Do Quest on the Thanksgiving Holiday

November 25, 2011 – 4:30 am
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Hey, it is Thanksgiving Day again! Thanksgiving Day is the holiday which US and Canada altogether have, the original intention is to thank the good crop which the heaven grants. Every Thanksgiving Day, however far they are and however busy they are, thousands of people will be reunited with their families to enjoy a turkey which is the Thanksgiving food-based. And nowadays, people have put more significance on this holiday, such as cherish friends, understand parents and be nice to others. In the game it is a good chance to make wow gold and get great presents.
World of Warcraft Thanksgiving Day was the new festival which was introduced in the patch 3.2.2. This year’s World of Warcraft Thanksgiving has begun from November 20 to November 26. If you’re the sort of person who adores achievements, this event is for you: shootin’ turkeys, cooking them, and then abusing your dinner in a glorious food fight. At each main city, you can find filled with sumptuous food feast, either have the dinner in your own or with friends to share bites is a good choice!
The main Pilgrim’s Bounty festivities take place at bountiful tables which can be found located throughout many zones in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. Various seasonal vendors and questgivers surround the major cities’ tables, offering special cooking ingredients and related daily quests. A bountiful table features five different chairs, one for each different food that is available in that spot. Each chair is labeled for the associated food, and you will be able to eat/pass as much of it as possible for as long as you are seated.
Of course, if you can complete all of the Thanksgiving holiday achievements, then you will have the opportunity to get the pilgrim title and the plum turkey pet. Here are the required Thanksgiving achievements.
“FOOD FIGHT!”–Bounce food off a fellow feaster’s head at a Bountiful Table.
Now We’re Cookin’– For this achievement, you must cook one of each of the listed Pilgrim’s Bounty dishes. These recipes can be learned from Miles Standish or Gregory Tabor and the reagents to cook these new recipes can be purchased from any Pilgrim’s Bounty Vendor. You will need at least 330 Cooking Skill to cook all five dishes.
Pilgrim’s Paunch–Acquire The Spirit of Sharing from a complete Bountiful Table feast at every Horde or Alliance capital.
Pilgrim’s Peril–While wearing either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire, take a seat at each enemy capital’s Bountiful Table.
Pilgrim’s Progress–Complete each of the Pilgrim’s Bounty dailies.
Sharing is Caring–Pass one of every dish at a Bountiful Table.
Terokkar Turkey Time–Defeat Talon King Ikiss while wearing a Pilgrim’s Hat and either a Pilgrim’s Dress, Robe, or Attire.
The Turkinator–Hunt enough Wild Turkeys quickly enough to gain Turkey Triumph.
Turkey Lurkey–Blast those dirty, sneaking Rogues with your Turkey Shooter.
Thanksgiving will come to end tomorrow. Hurry to catch your last chance to do quest, or let our professional players do the quest for you, if you are interested in the Pilgrim’s Bounty powerleveling, click here for more details: in your life, you have a lot of people need to Thanksgiving. During this Thanksgiving, use your actions to tanks your friends around, express their love and gratitude to elders! But in the game, you can send wow gold to your game friends.

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