First World of Warcraft memories

November 25, 2011 – 3:51 am
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Have you remembered your firsrt memory of WoW? How long have you played wow? WoW has been seven years old, share your first memory with us and here’s below is some friends’ry of WoW:

World of Warcraft’s 7th anniversary took place earlier this week. Rather than the dry, impersonal WoW retrospectives you can find almost anywhere this time of year, the crew here at WoW Insider decided to hold our own retrospective instead, looking back on what pulled us so deeply into the game to begin with. Today we’re sharing our very first World of Warcraft memories, whether that was 7 years ago, long before the Shattering, or just last year. I’ll get things started, then the staff will join in afterwards.

My first WoW memory is in Stranglethorn Vale. There are other events prior to STV that exist in some strange nebulous place in my mind, but Stranglethorn is the first event that I can really pin down. I was playing my very first character, my undead rogue on the Silver Hand server, trying to kill an elite alligator for the Excelsior quest. This was in December of 04, maybe January of 05. I was absolutely terrible at the game. I simply could not kill that alligator. Everyone I knew did it with no difficulty whatsoever, but I couldn’t manage it at all.

The reason I couldn’t kill it? I was spamming Sinister Strike while dual wielding white vendor-bought daggers. That was the day I decided I should learn how to play the game rather than hope my friends take pity on me and fly across Azeroth to kill elites for me. Now I’m here, on this site, doing this. That’s one heck of a step up.

Joe Perez: While I was in the beta, my first memorable moment was when I made my first tauren shaman, Rum. I played him with my friend who was a warrior, Coke. Me, him and a few more of our friends leveled together and had a blast. Then, due to real life, many of them stopped playing and abandoned me to wander alone on the Horde side.

I then wound up getting an invite with some work friends to play over on Zul’jin. The catch was that I had to ditch my beloved cow and roll Alliance. I rolled a night elf hunter, pulled up my bootstraps and started making my way to top level. Partway through, my little guild decided we wanted to start raiding, so we all applied to a guild named Vex on Zul’jin. Due to some issues, the guild fell apart and we applied to Unpossible! That guild became my home for many many years, and I made so many friends that I’ve kept through the years. One of them became one of my best friends, and is like a brother to me.

Josh Myers: Oh, gosh. Mulgore. Beautiful, simple, lovely Mulgore. I was a young tauren hunter, enthralled with the idea that I could play a giant cow person, and I simply loved the idea of dual-wielding. I didn’t want to play a warrior and couldn’t be a tauren rogue, so I rolled a hunter and spent my first few levels trying to Mongoose Strike my way to victory. Thankfully, when my boyfriend and I hit level 10 and got our first talent points, he pointed out that enhancement shaman also had a talent for dual wielding, and off I went to reroll.

Kelly Aarons: I actually had a very poor opinion of WoW when it first launched. Not only did I work at my local EB Games, but the guy I was dating at the time blew me off for the game, so I wrote it off. It would be many years later that I would actually play it myself. My fondest memory is, without a doubt, taking baby Cadistra through Mulgore. It was the end of Noble Garden (I had no idea at the time), and I was just tickled pink when I found a cute little egg sitting under a massive pine tree. Walking through the rollings plains, the skies pink and yellow with the sunset, and soaking up the mysteries of the world is something I will never forget.

I was rescued by the sweetest hunter ever, and I still remember them saying “Don’t worry young paladin ^_^” and escorting me the rest of the way through Redridge. Once I got to Burning Steppes, they told me it was too high level to go any further and left. I pressed on. After being slaughtered at least 50 times, I finally choose to just remain a ghost and trek that way, only to discover that there was no way over the mountains into Searing Gorge — I never found Blackrock — which promptly caused me to quit and delete my paladin.

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