Perfect 10 Ways to Prepare for the Upcoming SWTOR

November 25, 2011 – 3:46 am
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It’s coming. In just a few weeks, Star Wars: The Old Republic will launch. But the fact we know is, a launch is one thing, but how a game does in the months after is more important. Yes, in order to enjoy this game, we need to know something in advance so that we can get things in order then. 10 excellent ways for SWTOR fans prepare for the coming MMOcalypse.

1. Pre-order
In any event, if you’re fairly sure that SWTOR is up your alley and worth at least a month of your time, then it behooves you to pre-order. Anyway, Pre-ordering not only reserves you the game — and BioWare’s made noises about there being only a “limited” number of initial copies — but it gets you various bonuses (depending on which package you preorder) and early access privileges. And if you pre-order any products on, you will get the best service never had before.

2. Explore this weekend’s beta
This weekend looks to be the final chance for most of us to take a look at the beta. Most anyone who wanted a beta key or previously signed up for testing will get in, and coupled with the NDA drop, the weekend should provoke a lot of discussion among the community. And at this time, if you logging in, you will get surprises for other games if you play.

3. Play through Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (1 or 2)
Don’t forget that SWTOR is a sequel to a pair of single-player RPGs released earlier last decade, and as such, you might do well to check one or both of them out if you’re really itching for a little Old Republic action.

4. Join a guild
BioWare’s created a decent level of pre-release support for guilds and guild-searchers called the Guild Headquarters. Keep in mind that latching yourself onto a guild by registering as such on the official SWTOR site means that you’ll be assigned a server so that you can be with the rest of your guild, your guild’s allies, and your guild’s adversaries. And joined, you’ll get bonus every month, even every week.

5. Read the Art and Making of Star Wars: The Old Republic
OK, I’ll admit that this is a completely unnecessary purchase unless you really love behind-the-scenes stories and concept art, but it’s a fun read if so. I really enjoy the flipping through it to see how the game evolved over the years and how the developers came to various design conclusions. Plus, it looks really pretty on a shelf.

6. Plug into the community
Part of the fun of MMO launches is the community excitement. SWTOR has been building a huge community for years now, and whether you’re new or not, there are plenty of folks out there who have interesting insights, detailed analyses, and geek love to share.

7. Read the The Old Republic novels
That said, if you’re a lore junkie or you want a good primer for The Old Republic universe, picking up one or more of the novels could be a good way to pass an afternoon or two. There are already several out, including Deceived, Fatal Alliance, and Revan. If you’re more into comics, then there’s Blood of the Empire and Threat of Peace to fit your desires. And if you need game guide, consider

8. Give some love to Star Wars Galaxies
The link between the SWG and SWTOR communities is debatable. SWG fans are quick to say that their community was one of the best that MMOs have ever seen. However, Star Wars Galaxies is being given the axe, and it all falls under the Star Wars umbrella with SWTOR’s launch. Surely, SWTOR players should be respectful to SWG vets at this time. Players of SWG can get the cheap SWG Credits on SwagVault

And number 9 is getting your affairs in order. It’s the beginning of the holiday season; getting shopping done well ahead of time could be a smart move. Give your significant other extra attention, defrag your computer and update drivers, and reset your password on the official website. And finally, watch movies, shift your attention to other places and try to have a nice time before the launch day comes.

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