RuneScape warms our hearts with subscription deal

December 14, 2011 – 10:50 pm
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Is the frigid winter closing in, encasing your life in ice and gaming frustration? Or, for those of you who live in Florida, do you have to suffer the indignities of wearing a windbreaker when you go outdoors? Jagex is here to help by offering a sunshiny deal on a six-month subscription to RuneScape.

Until January 4th, 2012, RuneScape players can sign up for six months of membership for the price of four, which basically gives two free months of premium service. As if that wasn’t enough, Jagex is also handing out spiffy reversible ice masks — with angry and happy sides — to those who snag this deal.

RuneScape’s membership starts at $5.95 a month, and upgrades the free-to-play title with additional quests, landscape, minigames, player housing, and no advertisements.

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